Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Left Me Wanting More

Jokes, fights, explosions and Super Saiyans, oh my!! The “Team Z” crew returns to face Frieza back from the dead. In this follow up to “Battle of Gods”,  Akira Toriyama, the original author of Dragon Ball has personally written this script for the big screen.

Bringing back Frieza seems like a great move. A Iconic villain back from the dead, new forms and a new character to boot. This newest chapter to the DBZ story seems positioned to be epic. The trailer gives you everything you need to get excited.


The best part about bringing back Frieza is that Toriyama didn’t have to waste screen time on character development. We can get right to what we love best about DBZ. The appearance of Jaco would bring joy to the heart of any manga fan. The Movie starts out strong and has all the ear marks of what will make a battle to remember.


As we approach the final battle everyone starts to arrive. Gohan, Kirllian, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan and Master Roshi fend off the new Frieza Force in a exciting battle, that will be long remembered. The battle with the Frieza Force is the highlight of the film. It is one of the best, if not the best, group fights in DBZ history. Jaco even takes out a few of the bad guys in his own special way.

In the meantime Goku and Vegeta realize that they are needed on Earth. They had been off training or in other words, lets play “hit me as hard as you can” some where in space and return just in time to fight the bad guy. That is where it starts to fall apart for me.


As Goku fights Frieza they show their new forms. The Golden Frieza form is quite impressive to look at but that is about it. Frieza was never really good at knowing when he was beat. I don’t want to give away any spoilers here but I feel like the ending was rushed. I got the impression that Toriyama finished the script while working on a laptop with a low battery in an airport with no power outlet in sight. I am willing to bet this movie could have been far more impressive if they would had made it just 15 minutes longer.

All that being said, I do believe any DBZ fan will enjoy this movie. It would not be the best first introduction to the DBZ universe, but a good continuation of it. The cinematography was great, in my opinion. I am one of the few that found the director’s use of CG interesting. Overall it is worth the trip to the theater for any die hard fan. You are going to get everything you expect and a few extra nuggets of happiness.

I just need to dust off my copy of the “Cell Games” and everything will be right.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ will have a short run at the theaters August 4 – 12. You can find tickets here: http://dragonballz.com/

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